Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Do you Polyvore?

Yesterday was one of the few rainy days we've had this winter in southern California. It stormed for most of the day . . . it was perfect for staying indoors. After doing some closet cleaning, I spent several hours playing on Polyvore. 
Helsinki Weekend
Polyvore is a website where you can pull items, like clothing or furniture from a list and create a look, or what they call, a "set." You can be really creative . . . when I started (just a month ago!) I tried to be realistic in creating a fashion look - something I might actually wear,  but I quickly realized that I would have a lot more fun with looks that I would never, or could never, really wear (like high-heels.)

You can settle for the items already on the site, or "clip"other things you like from blogs, Pinterest (do you Pinterest?) or from a retail site.

I found these art prints via Pinterest and clipped them to Polyvore, so I could create these sets with clothing, jewelry, and other accessories. The colors and city themes in the art were fabulous.
inspired by tulips

This is so fun and relaxing for me. Sometimes I can spend too much time there, but I can be spontaneous, spend a lot of virtual money, and just enjoy being creative.

Ready for Stockholm
night and day in Copenhagen

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