Monday, February 6, 2012

Hankie Pankie

I have been collecting hankies for years. Many of them came from my husband's grandmother and many were found in thrift stores, flea markets, and at garage sales. For my daughter's wedding I decided it was time to reduce my large holding of vintage handkerchiefs and give them away.

Here is what the note on the bowl said, "Ladies, please take a vintage hankie as a keepsake to remember this beautiful evening . . . and to dry your eyes if you should shed tears of joy."

It is no secret that I cry very easily, so I was prepared during the wedding. I kept two of my favorites out of the bowl - and holding one in each hand during the ceremony, I was ready.  But for some unknown reason, I didn't cry at all.  I just beamed with love and enjoyed every minute.

The hankie container was a small two-piece punch bowl I found at a thrift store. It had a little pedestal that made it a bit more important. The bowl sat on a tall round table near the ceremony site, which was convenient for the ladies to grab as they took their seats.

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