Friday, February 10, 2012

The Bohemian Wedding

In the spring of 2010, I had just twelve weeks to plan a DIY, hand-crafted, bohemian-themed, "Words of Love" wedding for my daughter. . . which included making a wedding dress.

In a series of blogs I will share the details of the wedding planning, the dress making, the decorations, the crafting, and the hours of thrift shopping for supplies, and all of the unique touches that made it such a special occasion.

Here are a few photos of the overall wedding so you can see the location. Most of the photos are by Joel Navarro, from Imulsion Imagery, including the beautiful photo of the bride and groom. You can contact him via this email:

The wedding spot, above, is Lake Forest Keys, in Orange County, California
This also happens to be my sister-in-laws backyard. The bride loves water, boats and trees, so it was perfect. The "birds" you see are actually white paper cranes, strung on fish line and hanging from the tree.
Two guitars are waiting, under the tree,
for the bride and groom to sing a song after the ceremony.
The bridesmaids arrive by boat ahead of the bride.  

The groom and best man turn to see the bride arrive on her white boat.
The bride arrives with her flower girls. I will write about the flower girls ring pillow 
(we had a flower girl "ring bearer") and basket in a future post.
Dad kisses his daughter as he gives her away. The groomsmen are all wearing different tan vests and white shirts  I found at thrift stores, along with their own blue jeans and sandals.
Two colors of water mix to create one new color in the water ceremony. 

The groom's mother and I each carried in a carafe (found at thrift stores) 
of colored water  to place on the table before we took our seats. 
The groom's sister sang an original song as they poured the water.

The Bride and Groom

As I planned this wedding, my days were filled with endless crafting, sewing, washing, ironing, thrift store shopping, and dreaming of all that this wedding would be. Beautiful, magical, joyful and filled with love and music.

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  1. Beautiful photographs!! The wedding seems very interesting. Loved all your arrangements and photography the most. Few days back have arranged my niece’ wedding at one of local wedding venues NYC. Had hired wedding planner who managed everything perfectly.