Thursday, March 1, 2012

1st Birthday Parties

Oh My! Who knew having 1st birthday parties for little ones could be so much fun. I have two granddaughters born seven weeks apart, so we had two parties in two months. I will share the decoration and crafting ideas in another blog soon. This time I wanted to show the girls in their special birthday outfits and how cute they looked with their cakes.

Olive in a pile of balloons

Olive in her top, pants and t-shirt
Olive (in orange and fuchsia) is wearing an outfit I made mainly with recycled fabrics from other clothing. Baby and toddler clothes do not require too much fabric, so it is the perfect option. I like to start with a pattern and take it from there to customize. I also deconstructed a cotton baby nightgown to for the shirt and part of the pants. My cousin Joanne crocheted three cute little flowers for the dress.

LĂșthien (Lulu) in greens, blues, and brown, is wearing a tunic I made from a pattern, but added many of my own embellishments like the sleeve caps, the fabric flower in front, and the bow tie. I made her a bow for the hair too, which stayed on long enough to snap a few pics. For her outfit I didn't have time to search through my collection of fabrics, so they are all new. I added fun details to a pair of brown leggings and she is wearing a bright green striped t-shirt.
Lulu in her party outfit - Paz Kinnaman Photography

Cake time is the best time at a one year olds party. Olive's cake, made by her Grandma Shelly, was cherry chip, which was her daddy's favorite as a child.

Olive clapping after trying her cake. Paz Kinnaman Photography
Love this pic of her peering over the cake before trying it. Paz Kinnaman Photography

Lulu's cake was a big cupcake cake that I made. She burrowed a hole in the cake before finding the frosting was much sweeter. She looks like she could fly with those wings that were attached to the high chair.

Lulu with her cupcake cake

Yummy frosting!  Paz Kinnaman Photography

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