Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thrifty Find - Wicker Chair

I thought I would try something different now and then. I am always finding things in thrift stores that I love but I do not buy. Unless I am looking for a piece for a client or really cannot live without something, I often just take a photo and note the price.

My first post is about the wicker chair in the grouping below (created on - so much fun!) It was only $7 and in great shape. I would paint it black, purchase or make a cushion, add a pillow or two, a foot stool, plant, umbrella, and most important, a glass of lemonade.  Ah, summer living.
Thrifty Find - Wicker Chair

$7.00 wicker chair and  $5.00 stool from Brother Beno's Thrift Store on Mission Road in Oceanside, California.

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  1. Always love a wicker chair and painted black...even better!