Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Paper products & tea cups.

This group includes paper products from the Truly Alice collection.  I have an assortment of items left:  12 large plates, 19 small plates, 24 cupcake holders, 32 cups with handles, 18 cocktail napkins, 17 "teapot" stands (to hold a cupcake or cookie),  a bunch of assorted picks. Some I made but most are part of the pattern.  

$20.00 for all paper products.

I also have 29 or 30 Pieces of assorted china tea cups/saucers, and a couple of cream/sugars. 

$30.00 for all china. A few pieces are collectibles made in California.

$50.00 for everything in this post.


The Mad Hatter Bandolier I made. It's included in the Mad Hatter costume along with the hat, wig,
silk scarf, jacket, vest, shirt, & pants. Size Men's small/medium. $50.00

White Queen Apron and Crown: $20.00 (this Queen of Hearts apron is NFS.)

Queen of Hearts apron and headband/crown $30.00

A few of the Alice inspired aprons.

Red Ace of Hearts Card costume. $30.00

Cheshire Cat Apron with a furry tail, and gloves. $30.00

Mad Hatter photo props. Free with multiple costumes purchase.

Queen of Hearts headpiece.

Alice aprons - there are 13 or14 aprons: $80.00

Alice wayfinding signs, paper lanterns, & backdrop

This magical backdrop can be used for photo ops. I sewed a place for a rod to go through for easy hanging. $30.00

Handmade from cardboard - 7 Wayfinding signs: Rabbit Hole, This Way, That Way, Wrong Way, Tea Party,
Queens Croquet, Chess game: $20.00

I handmade 12 paper lanterns. You can select 7 from the 12. They were great hanging from two ceiling fans in my living room. My older granddaughter wants a few to hang in her room. $20.00/7

The table decorations etc.

Here is what I have for table decorations and other items (after keeping a few for the baby!)  I spent 10 months collecting all of these items and putting them together.

Mad Hatter Workshop Bunting and Mad Hatter 10/16 Hat. Nothing else from this display is for sale.
Hat: $10. Bunting: $5.00

20 displays. The tall glass pedestal is not included in this price, it is included in the TEA Bar post.  8 displays are on brass or silver candlesticks. 4 are in teapots. 8 are in small or large teacups, or sugar/creamers.
There are a few odd pieces to do something with.  $125.00

This brass teapot has a moss ball, a handmade crown, a paper rose, and a Disney Alice pin.

A heavy teapot with a clock, a moss ball, and a paper rose.
The large oversized pink cup/saucer has a moss ball, a key, and a paper rose.

The tall jar with the Queen of Hearts is listed in the post about the TEA bar.
The tall candlestick has a cup/saucer, a moss ball. and a handmade crown.

A brass candlestick, a collectable Disney rabbit, a vintage saucer. Glass cover.

Extra-large cards with hand stenciled WONDERLAND. Does not include "welcome to"sign. $10.00
Hand-drawn 5'tall caterpiller, saying "who are you." A few handmade paper mushrooms. $15.00
Handmade (from cardboard)  keyhole door display. I'll have to measure this. It could be used on a window or wall as well. Comes with large iron key. $25.00

5 standing clocks. 1 or 2 are new, they might all work.
The large bronze colored piece is for display only. $45.00

The tea bar

The tea bar and dessert set-up decorations: 

A tea bunting made from the boxes of Disney's Wonderland tea. It has 7 wood clock faces. Free with purchase of the tea. 
Handmade red paper rose bunting. Free with purchase of the 6 tea/coffee pots below.

The tea menu and Queen of Hearts display. The tea menu (stand NFS) is free with tea purchase.
The tall display jar with a handmade crown is $30.00
Jars of tea bags. They were in boxes I wanted to use for the bunting below so I put them all in little jelly jars with tags. We drank a lot of tea, but there is a lot left too. I will need to count how much is left but I'm thinking $30.00 for what is left with the jars and tags. It was originally $40.00 for the box of 12 flavors.

The bunting hanging over the tea bar.

The large fabric background.  I hung this above the dessert table and added handmade paper
mushrooms on the sides. Nothing on the table is for sale. 

Large fabric backdrop $25.00 with extra mushrooms.