Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Door Knockers of Firenze, Italy

On a recent trip to Florence, I started noticing the fabulous carved wooden doors and the decorative door knockers almost immediately. I decided to document them with photos. It became an obsession to stop for every interesting new one that I saw - and I didn't really cover that much ground. If I had stayed longer I am sure there would be many, many more to discover. I surprised myself  after noticing that I only photographed one door knocker twice. Not bad when you consider I took over 50 photos.

Gargoyles and other faces were a popular motif. 
These two Eygptian faces seem to be a very similar design but made from different materials.

Two gargoyles with the same face on different doors and made from different materials.

Fish and Gargoyles together

 Lions were very common and came in many forms.

Fuzzy Lion!!

This one seems very old.
Not sure if this has a lion face or it's just very ornate!

 Iron seemed to be the most popular material - although I am not positive all of these are iron - 
wonder if some of them could be bronze?
This was the smallest doorknocker that I saw



One of the doorknockers below seems to be copper, 
but the most common material after iron was brass.




 Not sure what material this one is made from. Looked kind of rusty.

Italy is full of amazing visuals and I could go back again with a good 
camera and just take photos of all of the design details.