Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh Those Calvin's

Who didn’t want to be wearing Calvin Klein Jeans in the 80s?  Even babies were wearing their Calvin’s. Here’s a photo of my baby son, Brian, wearing his first jeans in 1980.

His Nana bought this diaper cover for him - and I recently noticed that I had saved it, tucked safely away, in a box of his keepsakes.

Since the elastic was stretched and no longer wearable as a diaper cover, I decided to turn it into something we could use for Brian and Paz’s new baby, LĂșthien Luna. A burp cloth!

I lined it with some pretty fabric from an old pair of pj’s and now LĂșthien will have a keepsake of her own (to perhaps use with her baby one day.)

It is so rewarding to take something old and turn it into something new.  My new goal is to make some clothes for both of my baby granddaughters with thrift shop finds. The items I’ve selected (cotton ladies t-shirts and pajama’s) are already so soft and worn-in . . . perfect for the babies. I have lots of patterns but mainly use them for size guides and just do my own thing.

Oh, I am so in love with these sweet little girls. Sewing for them will be a real joy!