Sew Eco Chic

Sew Eco Chic was dreamed up one day when I was thrift shopping and could not stop looking at the long-sleeved men's shirts and how wonderful and soft most of the fabric was. I had my retail store at the time and we were changing to become more eco-friendly with our product line. Sewing was always a passion of mine, so I made the decision to create a line of aprons using cast-off clothing and vintage finds. Since those first days several years ago, I have added many other items to the sewing list, including children's clothing.

My first step after bringing the found garments home is to wash them in luxury laundry soap. I love the scent of Pure Grass by The Good Home Co. Sometimes I make collections of the different garments in big clear bags with tags saying, "spring" or "holiday" and so on, and sometimes I start to deconstruct the pieces and create groupings with the various combinations I want to put together.

My biggest project so far has been to take two wedding dresses and redesign them into one new dress. 

Wedding Dress Redesign: My mother's dress and my dress turned into my daughter's dress.

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