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Fountain wall with William Morris quote 
The quote in the photo above is from William Morris (1834-1896) an artist involved with the English Arts and Crafts Movement. He believed that you should: "Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." I love this idea . . . so I added the quote to a wall when I had my retail shop.

Good design is also about using the senses. When all five senses are present in a space it can be such a pleasant environment. When I planned my store, one of the first things I did was list the five senses and how I would engage all of them in the  design of the space. The fountain in the above photo, was one of the items that covered sound. We always had nice music playing as well.

Sight. A good eye for anything using color, pattern, and objects is vital in good design. But visual design alone is not enough.

A nice store display of glassware is pleasing to look at.

Sound. Hearing something nice sets the mood in every day life. It is especially important when having a party, for an event, and in a retail environment. Music, or a water feature, can create a nice relaxing mood for example.

Smell. This is so important when creating an inviting space. It is one 
of the most personal senses. A good candle or a nice scent from fresh flowers can help set a mood. Unpleasant odors can really ruin a good mood.

Aromatherapy beads would be pretty in a bowl and come in very nice scents.

Taste. This is a tricky one when discussing design because we are not talking about the “taste” level someone has, but rather how something tastes on the tongue. Knowing what tastes good comes in handy when designing a menu for a party or an event. It is also well known that color affects our appetites and can be  very important in restaurant design, and when purchasing items for the home table.

A bowl of fresh green apples can be a beautiful and edible element in a room

Feeling. Touch is about texture, and even using space wisely. We can be very sensitive to what our skin touches. We also use the word “feeling” often when describing a space we like or not, although it is not about touching something, but how it touches us.
These felt flowers are very tactile and would be fun sewn on pillows.

Interior Design Services and Design Consultations

Interior Redesign

Rearranging the furniture, art, and accessories in your rooms will make a dramatic difference in how the space looks and feels.

The philosophy of redesign differs from that of traditional interior decorating. Any collections, new or old, expensive or modest, purchased or inherited, can be combined to create the most spectacular new looks . . . all without making a single purchase.

I pay close attention to details and listen carefully to your requests, so that I know how you want to use your rooms. The completed redesign should be just right for you. With a good eye for design combined with a great respect for you and your home, I enjoy the time I spend creating rooms you'll feel comfortable living in.

Redesign is an eco-friendly design service. I often make recommendations that save you time and/or money, and love saving items from going to the landfill.
Before of a redesign in Newport Beach

After shot of a redesign in Newport Beach. We changed the sofa's slipcovers.

2nd View of a Newport Beach Redesign
More Design Services:

Ask me - perhaps you just need to ask a few questions. You can run your plans by me before you buy something new to avoid purchasing the wrong things and wasting money.

Seek advise on color - there is no need for white walls or fear of color! Add interest to a room without spending too much. It is so worth it.

Art placement - how you hang your art is an important aspect of room design. Let’s get it right the first time, whether it be a large statement piece, or a grouping of photos.

Staging for real estate - improve the appearance of your home and attract buyers before an open house.

A unique service - furnish your entire home (or just a room or two) from consignment shops, thrifts stores, flea markets, and garage sales, with maybe just a few new items (like bed sheets). There is nothing I like better than going on a hunt for some great pieces for the home.

Store design and window display - Good store design and merchandising, along with great window displays are so important to create interest for the customer. After designing and operating my own retail store, I’ve worked with several merchants to design or spruce up their stores and do seasonal window displays.
Store window display


Store Display

Additional Services Offered:

Thrifty Buying
Party and Event Planning
Sew Eco Chic
Personal Book Design

Contact me here for more details.

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