Friday, July 2, 2010

Groom's Vest Snafu

So here I am wondering what I could do with a little bit of ivory satin left over from my mother's wedding gown, after using most of what was usable, to create a new wedding dress for my daughter.

My mother's 1939 ivory satin wedding gown - my 1979 white eyelet dress - Tracy's redesigned dress using both
A vest for the groom! Perfect. He was going to be wearing a long sleeved white shirt and white jeans for his attire and the ivory vest would be a great addition. I had just enough to make the front of the vest and used a natural linen for the back and lining. 

The vest fit him nicely and he looked so good. I had just one more detail to complete my project. Buttonholes. I've never liked making buttonholes so I made the decision to take the vest to a dry cleaners, rather than make them myself. Bad Decision.