Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sewing for a new generation

I was looking through photos of my daughter, Tracy, and came across these pics of her wearing a a few of the many dresses I made for her.  Tracy now has a sweet little girl (Olive) who can wear them when she gets a bit older.

1st Birthday Dress
The photo with the balloons is her 1st birthday and it was a very elaborate dress for the occasion. I love the long ruffled pantaloons!

I made the white dress with blue sash when she was a flower girl in her aunt's wedding. The teal and pink dress was made for a Simplicity Pattern Company sewing contest. I like how it turned out . . . and remember doing some fun stuff like running several shades of ribbon through the eyelet. I worked hard on the creation, but I did not win the contest!

Flower Girl
I'm so happy that all of these dresses were saved. They must be somewhere in the garage rafters, but a recent quick search turned up nothing. We will try again very soon - so that Olive will be able to wear them before she gets too big.  She is only a year old, so there is time.
Sewing Contest

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