Crafts & DIY

Craft in America and around the world has taken off in the last few years. Crafting is no longer your grandmother working with plastic canvas. Through sites like Pinterest, we are able to see and share so many beautiful handmade treasures.

Most of the crafts I make are simple ideas for parties – not things to keep for generations. I do like to try to find new ways to use the items again. There’s nothing worse than making something and then tossing it when done. 

We crafted magnetic Scrabble tiles for a word board at a wedding

Creating photo, history, or cook books online is an amazing way to keep treasures for future generations. I’ve designed and written a 320-page cookbook filled with recipes, photos, and historical documents about my mother’s big Italian family. You can see the book here.

Most recently I created a 100-page album of my daughter’s wedding, including engagement photos and their honeymoon trip.  You can preview it here.

It is so much more than just adding words and photos - with all of the page layout options, design icons and color choices, design skill really comes in handy to create a successful book. 

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