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All about CRAFT

Hello, It's me, (oh wait I'm not Adele!) but it has been a long time since I've written a blog so I might be a bit rusty! Well in all honesty, I was always a bit rusty with my blog writing. Never did plan on writing a daily or even a weekly blog, just wanted to write now and then. So here I am a few years later with a new adventure to talk about. After finally admitting to myself (and others) that I was really retired from my design business of 25+ years, I wasn't sure what the future held for me, creatively speaking. 

And, then it happened. Something new, fun, and creative sprung-up out of nowhere one night when I gathered with some friends to craft. Well, "nowhere" was years in the making. Here is the back story.

At Home on Main Street was my retail home/gift store on Main in downtown Fallbrook (in business from 2003-2009.) I loved the shop and the years I was on Main Street.  If it looks slightly familiar it is now the Fallbrook Brewery!
The storefront  
I was very interested in showcasing the work of local artisans in the shop. I wanted handcrafted and beautiful things. Two local artisans, Karen Walkup and Denise Haynes-Port, had their items in my shop - and they also became my friends.

One day Karen came into the shop to show me her original photographs of Italy (Picture Italy) and explained to me how she was printing them on thick foam core - and on big canvas pieces. I fell in love with her work immediately and wanted a collection in the shop.  She's talented in so many ways and soon went on to create a watercolor/mixed-media card group called Ransom Notes by Karen Walkup. I also carried her card creations in the shop.
One of Karen's many Ransom Notes cards
In her newest line (below) you can select hand-drawn cards with original art to color with pencils, markers or watercolor. Karen spent much of her time working with alzheimer's patients who loved having a creative outlet for a few hours in their day. After years of helping others, Karen is ready to have some fun with her art and engage with friends more often.

Denise with her hand-twisted bubble wand!

At the same time Denise Haynes-Port was a duo with her sister (Lori) and together their line of LilyGirl Jewelry was a hit all over San Diego and beyond. It was a popular item in my shop as well. In fact, when I started At Home on Main Street my focus was on home accessories, furniture, and art. By the time I had closed the best selling items were clothing and jewelry! Denise went on to create her own line, selling at craft fairs, and hosting workshops in her VintageSister Studio. She can twist and wrap wire like no other!
Bloom Vases by Vintage Sister Studio
After I closed the shop . . . when the three of us would get together, the conversation always came around to crafting and art and "How could we do something together?" We were all making stuff (I had kept working on SewEcoChic, a line I started in the shop.)  Lots of ideas were discussed. Should we sell our wares together? Perhaps in a booth at a traveling craft show, or by starting a hometown craft fair (all three of us helped start the Village Artisan Faire here in town) and even "What about opening a co-op place so others could craft together?" You get the idea. 

Lulu (below) wearing a Sew Eco Chic hair accessory

Olive (above) is wearing a Sew Eco Chic crown

Back to the craft night I mentioned in the beginning . . . the three of us were in Denise's studio because she'd invited friends over to make Valentine's! We decided then and there to work spend time together and share our talents with others in an environment meant to be relaxing, stress-free, and above all FUN! 

CRAFT-pop-up-Workshops unique approach is to create workshops showcasing our talents in art, jewelry, sewing - and in many other crafts we'll develop. We will typically show three projects that are easily doable in one 3-hour session. Each of us creates something to go with the theme of that workshop. Our ideas are endless and we hope to be doing this for years and years to come!

The "pop up" in our name is because we do not have just one place we will be crafting. Our goal is to partner with others to bring these workshops to you in very affordable ways. We each have home studios and will host workshops now and then, but we like getting out in the community to meet and mingle the most. 

Marie, Denise, Karen at The Vineyard 1924
You'll find us coming up at Ranch Of The Rhinestone Gypsies and Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens and Nursery in April  . . . and in true fashion, you will see us popping-up all over town for complimentary coloring sessions (like we did a few Saturday's ago at Button and Burlap (below) and last Saturday at The Vineyard 1924 (above).

Check our Facebook EVENTS page CRAFT pop up Workshops Events to see when our workshops are scheduled and what we'll be creating. And you can follow us on Instagram too!

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