Saturday, October 12, 2013

!0 Years Ago Today

Today would've been the tenth anniversary of my retail shop opening in downtown Fallbrook. On Sunday October 12th, 2003 we opened with a bang - hosting HGTV's Michael Payne 
for a tea, talk, and book signing. It was a full house and a great day! 

We closed At Home on Main Street in June of 2009 
after the economy (that began taking a beating in the fall of 2008)
 made it difficult for shops like mine to keep going. 

Michael Payne and Marie on opening day
Front of shop in downtown Fallbrook
 These next three photos were staged for a photo shoot and show much of the type of 
product I had when we opened 10 years ago. 
Pro pic 1 for San Diego Home and Garden Magazine
Pro pic 2 - San Diego Home and Garden Magazine
Pro pic 3 - San Diego Home and Garden Magazine

One of our many events.We really did have alpacas out front. (Don't ask me how we got away with that!!) Tracy spent time in South America buying things for the shop and when they all arrived,
 we threw a party!
Lauren flipping a crepe

We really did have some great events in the shop. One day we set up a cooking area and made crepes for a French themed day. The town held a book read for "My Life in France" by Julia Child and Alex Prud'homme, so we showcased our French tablecloths and line of bath products
created by a French couple who lived in San Diego.
I painted the door green when we went "Earth Friendly"
I decided to change my merchandise strategy after five years - and went eco-friendly. We made choices for buying that included selecting items that were created from recycled materials, or made in the USA, along with several other criteria that fit our new themes. Unfortunately, the economy was just about to change and most customers could no longer afford to spend extra money on they types of items I was stocking. If only I had a crystal ball in those days . . . .

My special guest, Ed Begley Jr. for my grand re-opening in September 2008

Fall table scape in the shop
My daughter-in-law Paz created this stunning dress (in the photo below) from origami paper cranes for a Holiday Window. I think it was one of my all-time favorite windows. I always selected a theme for Christmas and that year, it was "Peace on Earth."

Paz's origami dress

And, that is a little bit of the six years of At Home on Main Street. I know how much the shop was loved - and these days, 4 1/2 years after closing, I still hear how much it is missed.

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