Thursday, April 7, 2016

Time for the Avocado to Shine

CRAFT pop up Workshops would like to share our love for the avocado with a few tidbits of how life in Fallbrook can revolve around the green fruit growing in so many groves in the area.

This is the "Avocado Capital" of the world (it says so on google!) and our town hosts a popular Avocado Festival each spring. This year the 30th annual Fallbrook Avocado Festival is Sunday, April 17th from 9 am - 5 pm. It runs along Main Avenue in the downtown section of town.

Found this poster on the Chamber page

Denise from CRAFT and Vintage Sister Studio  has participated in years past along the artisan walk on alvarado part of the festival. Her Avocado Earrings (above) were a popular item to show the avo love. She's not doing the festival this year, but she does have a few pairs of earrings available. Contact her if interested and to see several styles she has. They are $18.00 a pair.

Karen, also from CRAFT, is an artist and card designer. Her work can be seen at  Ransom Notes by Karen Walkup.  One of her pieces (below) is a perfect quote for life in Fallbrook, "life here is good"

My property has four avocado trees and when they are in season we eat them almost every day. Besides making lots of guacamole, a favorite way we like them is for breakfast. Simply spread on toasted sourdough bread, with sliced tomatoes and a sprinkle of sea salt. 

I wrote a family history and cookbook a few years ago called Rossipes. And, although it is not difficult to find a good guacamole recipe in this neck-of-the-woods, the one created by my daughter Tracy for the book is especially good!

Her shortcut for great guacamole is to use a good (restaurant quality) prepared salsa from the grocery store, and lots of cilantro and freshly-squeezed lemon juice.

Fallbrook Guacamole
For a party-sized bowl of guacamole mix together:
5 large avocados, mashed
juice from two fresh lemons
1/3 cup chopped fresh cilantro
1/2 cup of your favorite fresh salsa
salt and pepper to taste

Keep in refrigerator with a piece of plastic wrap pressed down on top of the guacamole to prevent discoloration. Enjoy!

Ad for 1970s appliances in avocado green

When I lived in San Clemente (in the 70s) I remember my mother loved her avocado green fridge and stove - and we even had avocado green shag carpet to go with it. Those were the days! During my time as an interior designer, I may have used avocado green once or twice - although I am sure they changed the name. Currently I have a little bottle of craft paint and noticed everyone loves to use it - yesterday I checked the name to purchase more. What was it called you ask? Why "avocado green" of course! Everything old is new again.

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