Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gates in Florence, Italy

As I walked down the cobblestone streets of Florence, Italy on my visit last September, I noticed there were lots of beautiful iron gates. On that trip I photographed door knockers - noting to myself that if I returned, I would take a few photos of the gates.

So on my most recent trip in May, I began to search out the gates I knew were everywhere. I only got about ten shots this time but I was surprised to notice that of the ten pics I took, each was a different gate. Considering I went down many of the same streets several times, that was lucky.

 You may only notice them if you turn your head to peer into a courtyard opening, or look beyond big wooden doors.

In any city, most of the locals can easily identify tourists by how we walk slower and how we look around a lot. That's okay with me (to be identified as a tourist) because if you don't look around you will miss so much. 

In New York City, a first-time visitor may look up a lot to see the tall buildings. I've been there many times now, so I spend more time looking left and right - catching details that would otherwise go un-noticed. One time I caught a glimpse of an amazing fountain sculpture that I would've missed had I not looked to the right down a little side street when I was in the van taking me to the airport. 

There is so much detail in the gates. Beautiful craftsmanship we do not see so much today. 
I also photographed window grates which I will post soon!

I like to look beyond the gates to see the courtyards, the gardens, 
and many times fountains and sculptures too.

Take the time to notice the details - especially if you love architecture and design! 

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