Friday, March 8, 2013

Pillow Talk

It's almost spring and I felt the need desire for something new for the house. Even though I am an interior designer, I don't spend a lot of money on my own home. I'm not sure why - there is plenty of temptation out there - guess I just have a lot of restraint in this area - and I follow an old saying by William Morris: "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

However . . . the other day I was in the checkout line at Target and the gal behind me started putting these cute pillows on the belt - and the green and yellow colors were so fresh, I fell in love. I could not stop thinking about the cute beetle pillow I saw.
The beetle pillow
So, today I went back to make a return and look at pillows. I even went to a different store in case that gal bought the last two beetle pillows that day.

 In a section of the store with "designer-style-items" a couple of pillows caught my eye. I grabbed the butterfly and yellow flower pillows and a quilted throw, and went to find the beetle in the "pillow section." No beetle pillows there. But, I did like one from that section (the quilted multi-color number.) Then as I was walking around the corner, sad as could be, there was the beetle pillow on the endcap! And, across the aisle from that one was the stripped pillow. Did they make it hard or what? Four different places for 5 pillows. Kind of crazy if you ask me. 
My new pillows and throw - all ready for spring.
I ended up with the cute beetle, a butterfly, a flower, a stripe, and a quilted pillow and throw. 
Pillows are beautiful and functional, so I followed my own advice for 
bringing new items into my home!

My son did the large painting and it works for winter and spring color groupings. 
I feel like I need to explain why my sofa is up against the wall . . . something I really never do in a client's home. Two words explain it all: Olive & Lúthien. The granddaughters needed room to play and their red and orange Ikea tent needed floor space. By the way, that tent from Ikea is a great deal if you have little ones. Anyway, you get the point that my granddaughters are calling the decorating shots (for now.)
A few other pillows in my collection.
The yellow (with red embroidery) and the solid orange are down-filled and very cozy .
In my large pillow collection, I already have an orange, yellow, and several tan colored pillows, so they mixed right in with the new and will play nice together. I have another sofa across the room and I will use a couple of the new pillows on that sofa and by mixing with the ones I already have, it will bring the nice touch of spring throughout the room. Designers love pillows - is there such a thing as too many? My husband would say YES!

My winter look.

Four of the 5 pillows above came from the shop I owned - and they were a lot more expensive than my new Target finds. The one in front is beaded (so no one can really sit against it, but it is so pretty, haha.)

I am now ready to Spring Forward.

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