Friday, March 1, 2013

Apron for a Friend

I was having breakfast with a good friend, when the topic of aprons came up. She asked if I could make her an apron, and began to describe what she wanted: "simple front and back with ties on the side." I knew just what she wanted and mentioned that it was already made! I had one perfect for her  and delivered it today. I'd like to see a photo of her working with it on. . . 

Front and Back of the apron. Made from a girls thrift store denim jumper and men's dress shirts.

Side View of apron. 

I used several plaid shirts to make pockets on the front and on back.

 I made the ties from the front of the shirts. 

It would be great to get back to making lots of aprons again. There was a time a few years ago when I was making at least one a day. I think a series of Mommy & Me aprons are in my future. And, not one to leave the boys out - perhaps a Daddy & Me group as well. 
Those would be great for Father's Day gifts!! 

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