Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Coming Soon . . .

For years now my cousin Joanne and I have wanted to do something together. We've both owned retail stores, love to thrift shop, and we both sew and craft - and now we find ourselves with time on our hands to devote to doing something we love (besides being with our granddaughters!)

We've been busy making items - and like the name "Mimi and Moo" for our ventures. I'm Mimi (my little granddaughter Olive recently out-of-the-blue decided that is what she would call me) and Joanne is Moo (a name her kids have called her for years.) And now that she is a grandmother, it fits perfectly. We'll combine our talents for sewing and crocheting (along with our love of thrift shopping and hunting through vintage markets) to make adorable wearables for infants and toddlers. 

Moo's granddaughter Lily is wearing one of our first combined efforts. A flower made from ribbon (that we made out of a pair of capri pants)  and a crocheted flower. Lily's mommy, Lindsey,  made it into a headband and took this adorable photo.  We also embellished her overalls with vintage lace.
Headbands made with a collection of ribbon flowers, vintage pearl beads and other adornments.
Lily (now older) models several of these headbands in the photos below.
These photos of Lily were taken by her talented mother, Lindsey - an artist and photographer.
 Here's Lily looking adorable in a soft headband made with a ribbon flower and embellished with vintage pearl beads.

A pretty multi-colored ribbon rose on a cream headband.
An over-the-top ribbon rose with vintage beads looks so pretty on Lily!

 A coordinating denim skirt with vintage lace - and a headband that is embellished with a
vintage earring flower in the center that belonged to Lily's great-grandmother.

Another find we discovered when going through a box of treasures that belonged to 
Moo's mother (Lily's great-grandmother) was this red knit flower adorned with sequins. 
It was a pin and now it is part of a very chic red, white, and blue headband.

Lily is so cute in this big floral headband made with a flower (from our hand-crafted ribbon,)
 vintage lace, a crocheted flower  -  and topped off with a vintage button.

The two headbands above are made from vintage yo-yo's and other embellishments.

A fun headband made from reconstructing silk gerbera daisy's and adding a vintage fabric yo-yo.

One of the skirt / headband combos. Skirt has eyelet trim and headband is big and fun. 
She's ready for the 4th of July in this outfit.

 This combination includes a crocheted flower and another vintage find (a button) from great-grandma's treasure box.

My granddaughter Lulu in a cute crocheted hat made by Moo. I love the colors.
These two outfits for toddlers (above and below) are skirt / headband combos made with
up-cycled clothing items from thrift stores, combined with vintage lace, buttons, and crocheted flowers.

Lulu wearing an upcycled skirt made from a ladies shirt and vintage lace

And since I have not been able to take any photos of my granddaughter Olive wearing our new fashions yet, here is one (above) I'll share that shows her wearing a circle scarf crocheted by her mommy (my daughter, Tracy.) Tracy already has her own Etsy shop set up and you can visit her facebook page (Ollie g) to see more of what she is up to.

Mimi and Moo can stay very busy with this and there is no telling where it may lead. We both have a lot of talent in our families - artists, photographers, and architects.  Perhaps there is no limit to our creative dreams. Starting with an Etsy shop (once we have enough inventory) - we'll go from there - perhaps doing a pop-up shop or two during the next holiday season. 

                                            Stay tuned!!

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