Thursday, December 27, 2012


It is so hard to have to wait weeks and weeks to see the professional photographs of a wedding when you want to blog about each and every detail . . . hard as it is, I understand the need to be patient.

In the mean time I've been blogging about some small stuff. I don't know if the pro got a close-up of the luminarias we placed around the pool - if he did, I will add it later in the overall wedding album post.
This photo shows the reflection from the lights in bushes - so pretty

These luminarias were inspired by the ones I saw online (Martha Stewart Weddings) using gold doilies. In these photos you cannot tell we even used doilies, but the lacy pattern showed through the bag and added a pretty touch to an ordinary paper bag luminaria. I just happened to have a few packages of vintage gold doilies and I was so happy that I did because you normally only see white ones in the stores (might be able to order gold online.) We used white bags in two sizes and white votives.

Luminarias in misty weather do not always work because the bags can collapse in the dew. I thought it would be worth the try anyway, and decided not use sand in the bottom of the bag to place the votive on. Sand holds moisture that could aid in the bags getting wet. We went with a glass votive holder instead and it worked - not one bag collapsed in the cool night air.

They looked so beautiful around the pool and they are not difficult to make yourself. 
A fun photo - not sure if this was from trying flash or not
New photo by John Robert Woods Photography
John Robert Woods Photography
John Robert Woods Photography

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