Monday, December 10, 2012

Front Door Wreath

It has already been a year since my granddaughter Olive had her 1st birthday party. I just noticed that I never shared this blog post about the wreath I made, and here we are again in December.

I wanted a wreath for the front door so I decided to make one with the colors of the party. They became my colors for Christmas last year. And since I loved this wreath so much it is back on the front door again this year.

The wreath starts with a styrofoam circle and three packages of different sizes of styrofoam balls. I began by wrapping the wreath with wide strips of left over fabrics from the outfit I made for the birthday girl. Using long pins with a white bead head. It was faster, cleaner, and easier than using glue. I added a long ribbon for hanging and to gave me some perspective of where the top would be.

I wrapped balls with yarn (again no glue) starting by tying the yarn around a long pin to secure and wrapping until I could no longer see the white stryo. I added another pin and that became my center for placement. I liked the look of the pin, so each yarn and fabric ball has one showing. We had several skeins of the right colored yarn left over from my daughter’s wedding and just added a cream with a gold thread for some sparkle.

For the glass ornaments I added a length of ribbon through each hanger and that became a fun part of the wreath. Be sure the ribbon goes underneath the balls and towards the back of the wreath for now. Jumping ahead (just so you know) I tied some ribbon in bows and left others just flowing. This was the last step to complete the wreath as I decided which ribbon to tie as it was hanging on my door.

Using three more balls, I wrapped them in some of the left over fabric that I cut into strips. I used pins to secure. We found some glittery pink bells in two sizes - they were great to add here and there. 

To assemble, I began with the three large yarn balls and then added smaller yarn balls, glass balls, fabric balls, and bells. I got out the hot glue gun for this step because I wanted it to go fast and be secure. Placement is all about using your eye to determine where the colors should be and where there is a “hole” that needs to be filled. Have fun with it.

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