Thursday, December 13, 2012

Filling Glass Ornaments

There is no shortage of what you can do with clear glass ornaments but this project is fun, simple, and inexpensive. You can even find the empty glass ornaments in thrift stores – or you can purchase new ones in craft stores.

I was going to use these filled balls on a table for my granddaughter's birthday party, but after finding a pink Christmas tree, I hung them on it instead.

You need cardstock paper in your choice of colors and die-cut punches to make the shapes. Use several colors in your color scheme, or try different shades in one color group for a monochromatic look.

After trying lots of shapes I found that ones shaped like a flower, a hand, or a snowflake worked the best. The heart and star did not work as good because they are rather “flat” and do not have petals or fingers that give the shapes dimension.

 Simply cut out a lot of shapes and fill the balls - bending the cutout slightly to give it some depth when inside the ball.

Take off the top of the ball. Be careful if the glass balls have a rough cut mouth so you do not cut yourself as you push the cutouts through the hole. I had to use a tweezers to fill some of the balls.

Pushing the cut-outs through the opening - use tweezers if the mouth is sharp

So simple and so fun!

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