Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Part Two - Olive's 1st Birthday Party

In December I hosted a 1st birthday party for my granddaughter, Olive. It was so much fun to decorate for this party and add a bit of holiday cheer to the design. 
You can see the cute party hat I made (above Olive's head) that we forgot to put on her!

The tables were set for lunch. Menus on the tables noted that we were serving tomato soup shots, oven-warmed spiced potato chips, and panini's. Guests could create their own panini with lots of options.

We selected the color scheme before any other decorations. Bright orange, hot pink, and cream looked beautiful together. I had no plans to have Christmas trees at the party, but when I found a couple of little bright pink trees, they became a fun part of the design.

paper filled glass ornaments 

We had a theme without it being too noticeable. You could look around and see the colors and shapes, but it took putting it all together to figure it out. It did not jump out at you all at once. I made these fringed crepe paper garlands. They were easy, fun, and fast to create and looked very pretty hanging all over the room. Olive loves balls so I used as many as I could find in the colors along with other round shapes.

My daughter, Tracy, and her mother-in-law, Shelly, made and decorated the cakes. The large cake for guests had three layers: one pink, one orange, and one cream and was decorated with circle shapes. It was so yummy. 

The tall 3-layer cake for the guests.
Olive’s cake was cherry-chip. It was a flavor her daddy, Luke, remembered from his youth and requested for his daughter’s first birthday cake.

I used little olive trees and bottles of olive oil for game prizes. The party favors were olive oil soap in two fragrances that came wrapped in hot pink and orange. Perfect. My friend let me do a little pruning on her olive tree for the additional green sprig on the tables.

Click here and to read about Olive's birthday outfit and see photos of her cake, along with the outfit and cake for another 1 year old - my granddaughter, Lulu, whose party was held was just 7 weeks after Olive's.

I was very happy with how the front door wreath turned out
Great colors, round and olive shapes, and a certain tree in honor of a sweet little girl. May “Olive” her dreams come true!

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