Sunday, July 1, 2012

DIY Ribbon

During the last year that I had my retail shop in downtown Fallbrook, I started making ribbon under our Sew Eco Chic line of clothing and accessories. I found that ladies pants offered the best patterns and fabrics for making ribbon . . . (and I often wondered why any gal would select such a print for a pair of capris?)  I am talking about rather LOUD prints - and it was easy to find the thrift store racks over-loaded with these cast-offs.

saved old ribbon spools to use for newly made ribbon
I saved the ribbon spools from shop ribbon we had finished using and they were perfect for wrapping my newly made ribbon on.
some of my home-made ribbon collection
Simply cut strips of fabric from the capris or pants - I used a rotary cutter and was not too particular about being perfectly straight with my cuts. Using a serger, I just sewed up and down both sides of the strips of fabric (after first sewing the strips together to form very long strands of ribbon.)

I have not tried this yet - but I have some wire from the jewelry section of the craft store ready to lay down as I serge the edges. Voila, wired ribbon.

sew the strips together before serging the edges

some of my stash of capris for making more ribbon


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