Friday, June 1, 2012

Wedding Activity - A Scrabble Word Board

For my daughter's wedding we wanted to do something special to highlight the theme of the bohemian-style event. We titled the wedding "Words of Love," so a Scrabble magnetic board was the perfect activity that guests could have fun with. 

Here's how we did it:

I found a big frame at a thrift shop. My husband cut a piece of sheet metal and created a grid on it - then he glued the metal onto a thin board and secured it into the frame. 

The couple's names were hot-glued onto the board so they would not be able to move

We cut squares from sticky-backed magnetic cards to fit the tiles and filled the perfect glass bowl (thrifted, of course) with the tiles. A sign suggested guests create a "message of love."

Starting with the names of the bride and groom, I hot glued them into place in middle of the board. I found bags of Scrabble tiles online and decided to use dark tiles for the bride and groom and the lighter tile for the guests to use. After deciding on a beginning word, I hot glued HOME into place as a starting point for more words. 

The board sat on a big easel at the wedding and guests could add their message at their leisure.

The bride and groom can now hang the board like art in their home. They can leave the words as they were after the wedding, or have a bowl full of the tiles out for their guests to play when they come over for a visit. Only their names and "home" were secured and will always be the starting point to play.

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