Saturday, April 7, 2012

Old Ways Create Something New

I have been going to Old Town in San Diego since my husband and I began dating in the mid-70s.  We often went there for a dinner date, or to have a churro and hot chocolate at La Panederia when it was chilly.

We've walked up and down the streets for years but never stopped by the blacksmith barn . . .  until our last visit. My husband's cousin, Craig, was in town so we all met up and went for lunch and a tour of the recently renovated Cosmopolitan Hotel. Craig's niece is an anthropologist who worked on the restoration - more on this story in another blog!
Blacksmith in Old Town San Diego making a cheese slicer

At the barn we watched a blacksmith work on a cheese slicer. He mentioned that after all the years of working in the barn they were finally able to sell some of the items in a new store called RUST. The money from these sales would help keep the barn operating. These Old Town blacksmith's make all of the iron pieces needed in "town."

Almost done with the cheese slicer

After watching what went into making the cheese slicers we walked over to RUST and put our name on the list to buy one of the slicers when they were delivered. They're hot sellers at $20.00 each, useful as well as decorative. And you can never top owning something that you watched being made.

My new cheese slicers from RUST in Old Town

They even sign their work!

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