Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wedding Dress Update

I have made some progress with the wedding dress, but with the big day just a month away I need to step it up and finish it. I also need to make the groom a vest and the bride requested a wrap for when the night air gets chilly . . . so sewing will be my main focus for the next few days. As promised, I have included a few photos that show just how much fabric was in my mother's gown. And another full length photo of my white eyelet dress that I made (with matching hat!!)

My white eyelet handmade wedding dress, 1979.

My mother in her gorgeous ivory satin wedding gown in 1939

The pic before I added a ruffle all around, front and back

The back of the new dress is my mom's original button and loop section from her dress . . . but cut a lot lower. I hand sewed each button back on. There were lots of them and they were coming loose.

My daughter is not sure about the ruffle in the bodice, above, but I like it (it came from the two little shoulder "pads" from my mom's dress - they were not what we know today as shoulder pads (padded!), but it was just enough fabric to give the dress a bit of height in her sleeve. I guess I will loose it, since the bride doesn't like it.


  1. Heidi and I both agree, the ruffles are not our faves... But you raise a good point, it would be boring without. Compromise?

  2. Ok girls, at first I liked the ruffles but a few minutes later I changed my mind. I say the "pads" would make a good garter belt!
    Sorry Marie, I hope I didn't offend you!