Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wood Burned Table Numbers

For the woodsy winter wedding we used wood slabs in many ways

Here is the bride-to-be wood burning table numbers into the pieces of wood I cut

Using my husband's power tools, I cut wood discs from pieces in our wood pile

I cut thin slabs and taller pieces for many uses including the table numbers,
the little table-scapes, and to hold a cupcake
 My husband cut holes into some of the thin slabs so we could put string through to hang

Half of the tables had hanging table numbers that were attached to a tall flower holder

 The other half of the tables had the taller piece of wood that sat next to the floral centerpiece

The bride and groom's table had a tall piece of wood with their initials carved into a heart

 Two more photos (above and below) showing our other uses of the little wood slabs

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