Sunday, November 4, 2012

Using Map Themes in Decoration

Recently while in a Cost Plus World Market, 
I saw these letters covered in map paper.  

Seeing them made me giggle a bit - thinking of the Peace on Earth letters (below) I created around five years ago. I used a decoupage technique on paper mache letters from the craft store. Torn bits of map pages were pulled from an old college geography book I was keeping for just this kind of project.

 My letters have the map pieces going all around the sides (which I like) 
compared to just covering the top of the letter in the World Market version.

I made the letters for the last holiday window I decorated in my shop. Since I really liked them, 
they came home to hang in the entry.

They compliment the maps,
globes, and magnifying glasses
I have been collecting
for many years.

Maps might be going the way of phone books soon. Seems they are another thing smart phones and computers take care of now. But, I love maps and still like to follow along if I am a passenger in a car on a long road trip. My collection of old maps might fun to show the grandkids one day. Maybe they will want to tear them up for a decoupage project of their own.

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