Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Started sewing for the babies . . . finally!

I have been wanting to sew for the babies for a long time and finally today I decided to make something. Nothing too impressive, but it is a start. I haven't sewn anything in months.

This is a little grey skirt/short combo I found in a thrift store for .65¢ and just embellished it with some fabric from a ladies thrift shop skirt. I made a fabric flower from the same skirt fabric and put it on a new white onesie. Cannot wait to try it on the first baby girl who visits next.

Lulu stopped by and asked to try on the outfit I made! She looks adorable in it.

I love to take thrift shop castoffs and create something new. A new grouping of moms and daughters aprons will be coming soon.

Hopefully I will continue to sew now that I have picked up my needle again.  Granmakin is ready to dress her living dolls!

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