Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sew Eco Chic is...

Sew Eco Chic is the clothing line we started while we were re-branding our 5 year old retail store. Sadly, At Home on Main Street closed due to the declining economy in 2009, but we still make fabulous items using re-cycled clothing, accessories and other sustainable materials. Currently I focus on sewing aprons. My main source for materials are men's shirts, women's skirts and accessories like belts, ties and lace. They've proved to be the most popular category in the line because size is not an issue.

After collecting my finds, I bring them home and wash everything in luxury laundry soap.  My favorite is The Good Home Pure Grass scented detergent.  

Then I mix and match the shirts with the skirts as the first step in creating an apron. I have two sewing dress forms, making the designing phase much easier. For me, designing aprons is a lot like the process of selecting materials when I design a room. I might choose a floral, a plaid, and a solid to create an apron that has a lot of interest.

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